Jobs in Sales and Marketing, Sales and Marketing Engineering

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Deutschland International Jobs in Sales and Marketing, Sales and Marketing EngineeringJobs in Sales and Marketing, Sales and Marketing Engineering

We are specialists in the recruitment of highly skilled sales and marketing professionals within the industrial, technical and egineering sectors. We recruit and select professionals for positions in middle management, management and general management level. Long term, fixed, short term or temporary positions such as in the case of turn-around positions.

Every project is unique and demands tailor made solutions. Jointly with the client we create a picture of the organization, the position and the requirements required in the perfect candidate. This is the starting point of the search to achieve a successful selection and recruitment, appointment.

Direct Searches:

  • Candidate search, recruitment, appointment on behalf of operations, companies, employers
  • Job searches, career change, on behalf of job seekers or those looking for new challenges in working life or those that want to make continuous progress getting higher on the career ladder.

Grace to a solid in-house search process, our vast international network and years of experience we are able to complete every project given to us by employer, entrepreneur, job seeker, candidate, career maker, successfully. Our specialty are all disciplines within in Sales and Marketing and Engineering and even more specifically those two disciplines combined. We take care of finding the right candidate or job that matches perfectly the profile that we created jointly.

Expansion of your sales and marketing network.
We possess an extended database of candidates, sales engineers, marketing professionals, trade agents, distributors in technical commercial disciplines. You can easily extend your sales and marketing capability easily from our available candidates database. We can also carry out direct searches to precisely meet your specific market niche and find you the right sales engineer, marketing professional or sales agent, distributor, recruit and appoint them for you. We can also assist you with the evaluation of foreign markets, the potential of your products in these foreign markets and enable you to open your foreign sales office. We offer 45 year experience in sales, marketing, developing, manufacturing industrial products and services and would be delighted to offer that experience to you. Contact us here when you want to make a career change or when you are looking for the perfect sales candidate.

Recruitment in the below Industrial and Market Disciplines:

  • Management
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales and Marketing (engineered products and services)
  • Automotive, Transport and Logistics
  • Construction and inframarket
  • Chemical and process industry (oil and gas)
  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods (fmcg)
  • Finance & Consulting
  • Machinery and process equipment
  • Paper and packaging industry
  • HR Human Resources
  • Pharmaceutical, Chemical & Biotech